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Tender melancholy is a precious jewel

NEUFELD is the synergy of "established underground" and well-tried synth pop elements, accompanied by modern dance, electronic music and pop sounds. NEUFELD's music glides between gloomy melancholy and positive sound.

The NEUFELD sound is influenced by the involvement of the Wolfsheim producers Josè Alvarez-Brill ("Die Flut"; Witt/Heppner and many others) and Carlos Perón (Sparrows and the nightingales and others), who is also a co-founder of the band YELLO.

Alvarez-Brill founded the band NEUFELD together with Frank Körner-Steding and Sven Kordaß in 2020 and wanted to build on old successes. Alvarez-Brill, was also considered the discoverer of UNHEILIG, he died in October 2020.

Carlos Perón produced together with NEUFELD  the maxi single "Carefree youth" released in November 2021 with an additional romantic remix and the bonus track "Horizont".

In 2021, Perón released his own version of the NEUFELD track "Carefree youth" on his "Eisenberg Sampler vol. 11".


Thanks to the special vocal facets of singer Frank Körner-Steding, it is possible for NEUFELD to perform Wolfsheim covers that are true to the original at live concerts.

14. Juni 2024

Magdeburg - Festung Mark



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