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In accordance with Section 28 BDSG, we object to any commercial use and any other disclosure or other publication of the data below.

Area of responsibility: The imprint applies only to the website at the address:

Delimitation: The website is part of the WWW and is therefore linked to external websites that can change at any time, which are therefore not subject to this area of responsibility and for which the following information does not apply. The fact that the links violate neither customs nor laws was checked exactly once before they were included here. You can recognize such links that lead to external web projects by the following: A new browser window opens for links to external websites.

Website users:

Responsible contact persons:
1. Sven Kordass

2. Frank Körner-Steding

1. Settlement courtyard 10; 39418 Stassfurt

2. Alte Poststrasse 26; 47509 Rheurdt

electronic postal address:

Fast electronic and immediate communication:
1. mobile: +49 176 77 550 510

2. mobile: +49 152 07 448 487

Tax identification number to 1.:
DE 96 304 687 528

Purpose of this web project:
Information, distribution and advertising for our art project

Editorial responsibility:
Sven Kordass

Frank Körner-Steding

Copyright and use:
The author specifically grants you the right of use to make a private copy for personal purposes. However, you are not entitled to change and/or pass on the materials or even to publish them yourself. The copyrights belong to the respective author.
Data protection: Personal data will only be collected with your knowledge and consent. Upon request, you will receive information about the personal data stored about you free of charge.

No liability:
The contents of this web project have been carefully checked and created to the best of our knowledge. However, no claim is made to the completeness, topicality, quality and correctness of the information presented here. No responsibility can be accepted for damage resulting from reliance on the content of this website or its use.

Infringement of property rights:
If you suspect that one of your property rights is being violated by this website, please notify us immediately by electronic mail so that remedial action can be taken quickly. Please note: The more time-consuming involvement of a lawyer to issue a warning, which is subject to a fee, does not correspond to the service provider's actual or presumed will.


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